Tri-Cities Seller's Secrets!

Secrets to maximizing your $$ for Your Richland, Wa, Pasco, WA or Kennewick, WA Home For Sale!

Selling your Richland, WA home, Pasco, WA home or Kennewick, WA home involves more than just listing with a reliable real estate company. At Northwest Property Consortium, I will go the extra mile to and give valuable information, gained from more than 20 years real estate experience, on what you can do to merchandise your home to potential buyers. The more attractive your Tri-Cities, WA home...the more money a buyer is willing to pay for it.

Richland, Kenewick & Pasco home buyers appreciate a clean and spacious bathroom. To keep your bathroom looking its best at all times, remove all personal items from your vanity, clean the toilet, sink and mirror until they shine, and put out your fanciest hand towels and new bars of guest soaps.

Your Tri-Cities, WA kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home and can make or break a sale. Prospective buyers look for ample storage and work keep your countertops clean and clutter-free.

Lawns & Gardens
New landscaping breathes life into an area that (before) was overgrown with evergreens and bare from shade and neglect. A stone retaining wall, fresh plantings, a window box and bark around the new shrubs and trees add a charming touch.

Interior Improvements
Painting your walls and ceilings in neutral colors such as off-white, beige or gray can give a feeling of newness and brightness to any room.

Exterior Improvements
A neat and clean front entryway invites prospective buyers inside your home. Remove items such as children's toys, lawn furniture and gardening equipment; they're not only unsightly, but can also be dangerous. Put away the garden hose and holiday decorations, too. After cleaning up your front entrance, add a splash of color with some potted plants.